Palm Oil Chain

What is Palm Oil Chain?

The palm oil is a kind of transmission chain applied to conveying materials in the production of palm oil. In the palm oil process line, a chain needs to have good tensile strength and abrasion resistance for safe and efficient production. The most common chains for palm oil process lines are palm oil chains, palm oil conveyor chains, and palm oil hollow pin conveyor chains.

As a professional manufacturer, we carry out detailed material selection, precision machining, special heat treatment, precision assembling, and pre-lubricating for the production of our palm oil chain. As a result, our palm oil chain has good precision, durability, and abrasion resistance, and can fulfill the high-efficiency conveyance of materials.

Palm Oil Chain for Sale

Palm Oil Chains Structural Characteristics:

Palm oil chain made of stainless steel and alloy steel. With many years of designing, testing, and application experience, our technology of components process and heat-treatment assure our palm oil chain with higher tensile strength and strong shock resistance ability. For instance, the pins are firstly high-frequency induction heated and then chrome plated, and the bushing and/or roller surfaces are carburized, so as to ensure high tensile strength and superior abrasion resistance.

This range of palm oil chains is suitable for not only the palm oil industry but also the production industry for other types of oils. All our palm oil production industry uses roller chains and bushed chains,

Please Note: It is easy to get higher breaking loads by increasing component hardness. However, if the factory can not control the process, it is easy to get brittle parts that can easily break during high-impact load such as a mechanical jam.

Palm Oil Chain Typical Structure:

Solid Pin Palm Oil ChainHollow Pin Palm Oil Chain
Solid Pin Palm Oil ChainHollow Pin Palm Oil Chain
Palm Oil Chain with Lengthen Pin ShaftPalm Oil Chain with Attached Plate
Palm Oil Chain with Lengthen Pin ShaftPalm Oil Chain with Attached Plate

Palm Oil Chains Applications Industry:

The applications for which we manufacture palm oil chains are EFB Plant, Pressing Station, Kernel Recovery Station, Boiler House, Reception Station, Sterilising Station, Threshing Station, Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB), Fruit Elevator (FE).

Whilst our most common-size palm oil chains are based around 6″ and 4″ in pitch, we are able to manufacture pitches that match your requirements. For further details and for a copy of our palm oil chains catalog then please follow the contact us button below and complete the inquiry form.

China Palm Oil Chains Manufacturers:

In addition to the palm oil chains, we also produce lumber conveyor chains, cement industry chains, chains for coal ill, and more chains for transmission applications in the wood processing industry, cement producing industry, coal milling industry, sugar refining industry, etc. These machines are of stable performance and high quality, demonstrated by their qualification to ISO, ANSI, DIN, BS, and JIS standards. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in search of a palm oil chain.
Our Chain Technology :

1. Stronger Bush

Our bush's performance has increased by 30% compared to competitor's chains

2. Tougher Link Plates

Precise alloy steel fabrication and expertly-controlled heat treatment ensure greater shock load during severe application

3. Stronger Pin

The competitor's cotter T-Pin has soft portions around the T-Pin head due to decarburization, effectively reducing the strength of the entire chain. Our cotter pin has a stable surface hardness from the head to the tail end

4. Easy Maintenance

Cutting & joining are easier, especially when removing just a few links and rejoining when the palm oil chain is stretched over.

5. Options Available For Heavy Duty

Heavy duty inclined conveyors usually need more load break force, our palm oil chain support is from 4” (inch) – 8” (inch) size.

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