Planetary Gearbox Reducer

Experience unparalleled power transmission solutions with our versatile planetary , expertly tailored for diverse applications including wheel drive, winch drive, track drive, and slewing drive systems. Built with precision engineering and robust construction, our gearboxes deliver dependable torque multiplication, minimized backlash, and enhanced load capacity.

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Planetary Gearbox Expert

HZPT has many years of experience in planetary gearboxes, we produce very high-quality planetary gearboxes at very competitive prices. Planetary speed reducer gearboxes have been designed for different transmissions. The power is transmitted from the motor to the sun gearbox. The sun gearbox drives three planetary gearboxes, which are contained within an internal toothed ring gearbox. The planetary gearbox is mounted on the planetary carrier. The planetary carrier is part of the output shaft. So when the sun gearbox rotates, it drives the three planetary gearboxes inside the ring gearbox. As planetary gearbox rotates with carries and automatically the highest torque and stiffness for a given envelope. The other significant advantages are simple and efficient lubrication and a balanced system at high speeds. The balanced planetary kinematics and the associated load sharing make the high-speed planetary gearbox truly ideal for servo applications. The modular concept allows us to offer a particularly short delivery time for gearbox with a constantly high standard of quality whether your applications require a reducer for the motor.

Brands That We Can Replace

Our planetary gearboxes, wheel drive gearboxes, winch drive gearboxes, and track drive gearboxes are designed with identical mounting dimensions to those of these well-known brands, ensuring highly comparable performance parameters, thereby making them ideal substitutes for these branded products. Please note that we do not sell products under these referenced brand names; the mention of specific models is purely for customers' convenience in selection and specification purposes.

If customization is required, feel free to reach out to us. We have a team of professional engineers who are ready to provide you with the highest quality customized solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Brevini Riduttori

    Trasmital Bonfiglioli

    • 300L Series: 300L1, 300L2, 300L3, 300L4
    • 301L Series: 301L1, 301L2, 301L3,  301L4
    • 303L Series: 303L1, 303L2, 303L3,  303L4
    • 305L series: 305L1, 305L2, 305L3,  305L4
    • 306L series: 306L1, 306L2, 306L3,  306L4
    • 307L series: 307L1, 307L2, 307L3,  307L4
    • 309L series: 309L1, 309L2, 309L3,  309L4
    • 310L series: 310L1, 310L2, 310L3,  310L4
    • 311L series: 311L1, 311L2, 311L3,  311L4
    • 313L series: 313L1, 313L2, 313L3,  313L4
    • 315L series: 315L1, 315L2, 315L3,  315L4
    • 316L series: 316L1, 316L2, 316L3,  316L4
    • 317L series: 317L1, 317L2, 317L3,  317L4
    • 318L series: 318L1, 318L2, 318L3,  318L4
    • 319L series: 319L1, 319L2, 319L3,  319L4
    • 321L series: 321L1, 321L2, 321L3,  321L4
    • 700C Series: 700C1H 701C1 703C2H 705C2H 706C3H 707C3B 709C3B 710C3B 711C3B 715C3B 716C3B 717C3H 718C3H 720C3H
    • 300R Series: 300R2, 300R3, 300R4
    • 301R Series: 301R2, 301R3,  301R4
    • 303R Series: 303R2, 303R3,  303R4
    • 305R series: 305R2, 305R3,  305R4
    • 306R series: 306R2, 306R3,  306R4
    • 307R series: 307R2, 307R3,  307R4
    • 309R series: 309R2, 309R3,  309R4
    • 310R series: 310R2, 310R3,  310R4
    • 311R series: 311R2, 311R3,  311R4
    • 313R series: 313R2, 313R3,  313R4
    • 315R series: 315R3,  315R4
    • 316R series: 316R3,  316R4
    • 317R series: 317R3,  317R4
    • 318R series: 318R4
    • 319R series: 319R4
    • 321R series: 321R4
    • 700T Series: 700T1F 701T1F 703T2F 705T2F 705T2L 706T2N 707T2N 709T2N 710T2N 711T2C 711T2F 713T3N 715T3N
    • 600 Series: 601R 603W 605W 606W 609W 611W 613W  615W

      Reggiana Riduttori

      • RR Series Linear and Angular Planetary Gearbox


      • R2E Series Heavy Duty Planetary Reducer 


      • ZHP Series Planetary Slewing Gear Gearbox


      How was a High-quality Planetary Gearbox Born?

      ① Raw Material Preparation

      Procurement and pretreatment: Select high-quality metal raw materials, such as cast iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. After strict quality inspection, surface impurities are removed, and the parts are preliminarily cut into a shape close to the blank according to the required shape and size.

      ② Forging/Casting

      Forging forming: planetary carrier, sun gear, inner gear ring, etc., usually using forging technology. After heating the metal at high temperature, it is hammered or pressed to form the desired preliminary shape.
      Casting molding: For some large or complex structural components, casting technology may be used. 

      ③ Rough Machining

      Turning, milling, and drilling: After completing the basic forming, the rough parts are rough machined using a CNC machine tool to remove most of the excess, forming the basic contours and structural features of various components of the gearbox, including inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, planes, keyways, threaded holes, etc.

      ④ First Heat Treatment

      Normalization, annealing, or tempering: Based on the material properties and subsequent processing requirements of the parts, appropriate heat treatment processes are carried out on the rough machined parts to improve the internal structure of the metal, adjust hardness and toughness, and facilitate subsequent mechanical processing.

      ⑤ Precision Processing

      Grinding, honing, and gear hobbing: precision machining of heat-treated parts to ensure that the tooth shape, accuracy, and surface roughness of the meet the design requirements. The gear processing of planetary gears usually includes hobbing, shaving, or slotting, etc; The planetary carrier requires precision grinding and leveling treatment.

      ⑥ Second heat treatment

      Carburization quenching, nitriding, or surface hardening treatment: For contact stress areas such as gears, surface strengthening treatment is carried out according to design requirements to improve wear resistance and hardness, and prevent early wear and fatigue failure caused by long-term operation.

      ⑦ Secondary precision machining

      Grinding, polishing, and ultra precision machining: further improve the accuracy and surface quality of gears and other key components, reduce micro wear and noise, and improve overall transmission efficiency and service life.

      ⑧ Inspection stage

      Dimensional inspection, hardness testing, and non-destructive testing: Strictly control the quality of all finished parts, including dimensional accuracy, surface quality, hardness testing, as well as necessary non-destructive testing such as magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, etc., to ensure that the parts are free of cracks, inclusions, and other defects.

      ⑨ Assembly stage

      Cleaning, applying lubricating grease, and assembly: After cleaning the parts, apply special lubricating oil or grease in a suitable position, and then assemble them in an orderly manner according to the design drawings and technical requirements to ensure the correct meshing of the gear pair and the correct installation of bearings and seals.

      ⑩ Testing Phase

      Empty load test run, load test, and performance test: The assembled planetary gearbox must undergo strict pre factory testing, including empty load operation inspection, noise test, vibration test, and performance test under load, to ensure that it meets the design requirements and can operate stably for a long time under the predetermined working conditions.

      Realistic View of Our Factory

      planetary gearbox factory
      planetary gearbox factory
      planetary gearbox factory
      planetary gearbox factory
      planetary gearbox factory
      planetary gearbox factory
      planetary gearbox factory
      planetary gearbox factory
      planetary gearbox factory
      planetary gearbox factory


      Planetary Gearboxes for Cranes

      planetary gearbox for crane
      • Slewing drive: a rotating system used for cranes, which transfers power to the rotating platform, allowing the boom and cargo to rotate horizontally.
      • Travel drive (wheel drive): Used for the walking system of a crane, it transfers power to the walking wheels, allowing the crane to move on the ground.
      • Hoisting Planetary Gearbox (winch drive): Used for the lifting system of cranes, it transfers power to the lifting mechanism to achieve the lifting and lowering of goods.

      There are various types of cranes, and planetary gearboxes are commonly used in cranes, such as Crawler Crane, Mobile Crane, Truck-mounted Crane, Tower Crane, Port Crane, Flat Top Crane, Ship Crane, Gantry Crane, Derrick Crane, Jib Crane, Overload Crane, and Self Correcting Crane. The planetary gearbox can provide high torque output in cranes, enabling them to handle heavy and high-intensity lifting work, achieve smooth movement, and adapt to various working conditions and environments

      Planetary Gearboxes for Marine

      In ship machinery, planetary gearboxes are widely used in various applications due to their excellent performance, including high torque density, high transmission efficiency, impact load resistance, and compact structure.

      • Slewing Drive is commonly used in ship machinery, such as servo systems, deck machinery (such as cranes, winches), and rotating turrets on ships. For example, the planetary gearbox in the servo system can achieve precise control of the ship's navigation direction.
      • Winch Drive planetary gearboxes are also widely used in various types of winch drive systems on ships, including anchor winches, mooring cable winches, cargo lifting winches, etc. In the winch drive device, ensure that the cable can be safely and effectively retracted or heavy objects can be lifted under various load conditions.

      In addition, planetary gearboxes may also be used for other ship mechanical applications, such as propeller pitch systems, hatch opening and closing devices, ship lifting platform drives, etc., all of which require high-precision motion control, large torque transmission, and high-performance transmission in limited space.

      planetary gearbox for Ship Machinery

      Planetary Gearboxes for Mining Equipment

      _planetary gearbox for mining equipment

      In mining equipment, planetary gearboxes are widely used in various transmission systems due to their superior torque amplification, compact structure, and high efficiency, including track drive and wheel drive.

      • Track Drive: In the mining industry, planetary gearboxes are used as the core transmission components for the walking mechanism of large tracked excavators, loaders, transport vehicles (such as mining dump trucks), and other equipment. In the track drive system, the planetary gearbox can convert the power generated by the engine or motor through multi-stage deceleration and torque increase into a powerful torque sufficient to drive heavy tracks, ensuring that the equipment has high traction and stable travel speed when driving on rough or soft ground.
      • Wheel Drive: Wheeled mining equipment, such as large mining trucks, underground mining scrapers, and multifunctional service vehicles, also utilize planetary gearbox technology. Within the drive axles of these devices, planetary gearboxes play a crucial role, ensuring sufficient driving force and flexible handling performance in complex mining environments through optimized transmission ratio distribution and efficient torque conversion.

      Planetary Gearboxes for Construction Machinery

      In construction machinery and equipment, planetary gearboxes are widely used in various key parts to provide high torque, precise transmission, and compact space requirements. The following are some typical applications:

      • Slewing Drive
        Tower Crane: The boom rotation mechanism of the tower crane adopts a planetary gearbox to achieve precise rotation and positioning under heavy loads.
        Crawler Excavator: The upper mechanism of the excavator's rotary drive ensures that the boom can rotate 360 degrees smoothly and forcefully during excavation.
      • Track Drive
        Crawler Dozers, Crawler Loaders, and other tracked construction machinery: Planetary gearboxes serve as the final transmission components, efficiently converting engine power into the enormous torque required to drive tracked walking, ensuring good maneuverability and traction in complex terrains.
      • Wheel Drive
        Dump Trucks, Concrete Mixer Trucks, and other wheeled construction vehicles: Planetary gearboxes are used in hub reducers to further reduce rotational speed and increase torque from the transmission shaft, in order to meet the needs of vehicle heavy load starting and climbing.
      • Lifting and Extension Drive
        Aerial Work Platform (AWP) and Telescopic Forklift: Planetary gearboxes are used to drive the telescopic or multi articulated arms of these devices for precise and powerful lifting movements.
      • Winch and Hoist Drive
        Cranes and Hoists: Planetary gearboxes play an important role in the hoisting system, providing sufficient torque to lift and lower heavy building materials or cargo.

      planetary gearbox for Cold Planers road milling
      Track Drive for Cold Planers Road Milling
      Planetary Gearbox for Concrete Mixer
      Planetary Gearbox for Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer
      Slewing Drive For Concrete Pump Truck
      Slewing Drive For Concrete Pump Truck
      Gearbox for Double-Axle Shredder
      Gearbox for Double-Axle Shredder
      Slewing Drive for Drilling Truck
      Slewing Drive for Drilling Truck
      Planetary Gearboxes for Excavator
      Planetary Gearboxes for Excavator
      Planetary Gearbox For Paver
      Planetary Gearbox For Paver
      Wheel Drive For Scissor Lifts
      Wheel Drive For Scissor Lifts
      Planetary Gearboxes For Telescopic Boom Lifts
      Planetary Gearboxes For Telescopic Boom Lifts
      Planetary Gearboxes For Construction Telehandler
      Planetary Gearboxes For Construction Telehandler
      Wheel Drive For Street Sweeper Truck
      Wheel Drive For Street Sweeper Truck
      Wheel Drive For Telehandlers
      Wheel Drive For Telehandlers
      Slewing Drive For Truck-Mounted Crane
      Slewing Drive For Truck-Mounted Crane
      Wheel Drive For Wheel Loader
      Wheel Drive For Wheel Loader
      Wheel Drive For Forklift
      Wheel Drive For Forklift
      Planetary Gearbox For Belt Conveyor
      Planetary Gearbox For Belt Conveyor
      Wheel Drive for Tandem Roller
      Wheel Drive for Tandem Roller
      Planetary Gearbox For Motor Grader
      Planetary Gearbox For Motor Grader
      Wheel Drive For Site Dumper
      Wheel Drive For Site Dumper
      Planetary Gearboxes For Soil Compactor
      Planetary Gearboxes For Soil Compactor

      Planetary Gearboxes for Energy Environment Recycling

      Wind Turbine

      • Yaw Drive: The planetary gearbox is used for the yaw system of wind turbines, helping the wind blades face the wind direction to maximize energy capture efficiency.
      • Pitch Drive: Each wind turbine blade has an independent pitch drive device, which is used to adjust the angle of attack of the blade to control the aerodynamic effect of the windward surface of the blade under different wind speed conditions.

      Solar Tracking Systems:

      In order to improve energy capture efficiency, tracking systems in solar photovoltaic power plants and photothermal power plants often adopt biaxial or multi axis tracking methods, allowing solar panels to rotate along the trajectory of the sun. In this system, the planetary gearbox is used as a driving unit to achieve precise tracking angle adjustment and reduce energy loss caused by changes in the incidence angle of the sun.

      Wastewater Treatment Systems:

      In the concentration and clarification process of wastewater treatment plants, the rotary drive is installed in the rake arm or scraper rotating mechanism at the bottom of the thickener or clarifier. This rotation helps scrape the settled sludge towards the center for collection and further processing.

      planetary gearbox for wind turbine
      planetary gearbox for Solar Tracking
      planetary gearbox for THICKENER AND CLARIFIER

      Planetary Gearboxes for Agricultural Machinery

      planetary gearbox for FEED MIXER

      Planetary gearboxes are widely used in agricultural machinery, especially in feed mixers. Their main function is to reduce the high-speed rotation of motors or other power sources to the low-speed, high torque state required for suitable mixing operations, to ensure uniform and efficient feed mixing. In addition, planetary gearboxes are used in Planers, Harvesters, Tractors, and Tillage Equipment to provide high torque output and meet the operational requirements of agricultural machinery in heavy or muddy environments. They can convert high-speed power sources into low-speed high torque, which is beneficial for driving heavy mechanical components. And its compact structure takes up little space, making it suitable for integration into limited space transmission systems.
      Accurate transmission ratio control ensures on-demand movement of agricultural machinery execution components and improves operational quality.