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What is a Shaft Mounted Gearbox?

Shaft mounted are fitted with electric motors, making them work faster than before. While manufacturing this shaft mounted gearbox, we are driven by high-quality raw materials and complicated technology. The shaft mounted speed reducer gearbox is facilitated with metallic double-lip oil seals. These help block out the dirt from the outside. All gear units are tested for gear cracks, noise, and leaks for a trouble-free operation. The gear units have an advanced tooth design to give a higher power-to-weight ratio for the same size gearbox.

We manufacture the shaft mounted gearbox per the set international quality standards, which offers you speed reduction by directly mounting it onto the drive shaft. These proposed shaft mounted gearboxes are straightforward to install and remove. We mainly provide the following three types of shaft mounted gearboxes.

Types of Shaft Mounted Gearbox

ATA (DXG) Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Models List:

1 Stage: ATA30, ATA35, ATA40, ATA45, ATA50, ATA60, ATA70, ATA80, ATA100, ATA125
2 Stage: ATA35D, ATA40D, ATA45D, ATA50D, ATA60D, ATA70D, ATA80D, ATA100D, ATA125D

ModelsOutput Bore Dia.Maximum TorqueNominal Ratio(i)

ATA (DXG) Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Options:

LO: Unless the customer has special requirements, the gearbox will not be oiled when leaving the factory. The oil quantity shall be determined according to the installation method specified when ordering.
N:Must rotate in counterclockwise
S:Must rotate in clockwise
Mounting orientation(type):A, B, C, D, VA, VB
Rotation direction:L—Rotation with positive and negative direction
N—With backstop, it makes rotation in counterclockwise that facing to the input shaft
S—With backstop, it makes rotation in clockwise that facing to the input shaft
Gear ratio: 5, 10-31
Dimensions of output hollow shaft:Φ30,Φ35,Φ40,Φ40,Φ50,Φ55,Φ60,Φ70,Φ80,Φ85,Φ100,Φ125,Φ135
Transmission stage:D—second stage transmission, it will be single stage transmission if without letter “D” behind the frame
Model number: 30  35  40  45  50  60  70  80  100  125

ATA (DXG) Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Applications:

Perfect for the machinery and equipment of the following industries:
(1) Conveyor & Material handling
(2) Mining & Quarry
(3) Crusher & Cement
(4) Automatic production line & Mixer
(5)Transport & Packaging
(6) Food machine & Beverage
(7) Construction & Metal processing
(8) Plastic & Chemical industry

ATA(DXG) Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Applications

SMR (TXT/SMRY) Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Model List:

ModelsOutput Shaft BoreMax. Torque*Nominal Ratio

*Max. Torque for output speed 100RPM

SMR (TXT/SMRY) Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Specification:

1. Shaft out hollow shaftThe optional hollow shaft diameter of standard shaft is suitable for the size of SO standard shaft diameter.
2. High precision gearComputer designed helical gear shaft, high-strength alloy steel materials, carburizing and quenching, gear grinding process (part of the middle gear shaft shaving process), involute profile modification, in line with SO1328-1997 standard, each gear transmission efficiency as high as 98%, stable transmission, low noise.
3. High strength boxThe box is precision cast with high-strength cast iron, with excellent shock absorption and impact mitigation capability. The bearing aperture is precision machined, and the locating pin is accurately positioned to ensure the smooth engagement of the gear.
4. High strength alloy steelThe input gear shaft is made of high-strength alloy steel, hardened, bearing gear, oil seal gear and input shaft excircle precision grinding, which can withstand the maximum radial load and torque. Long input keyway design, can withstand large impact, fully in line with SO standards.
5. Additional box support angle (excluding H and J)Support the torque arm bolts to prevent the bolts from being too tight and damaging the box. The installation position of the control standard torque arm is within the recommended range.
6. BackstopOptional accessories are used when the reducer cannot reverse (only used for 13:1 and 20:1 reducers, not recommended for 5:1 reducers).
7. Bearing and oil sealAll bearings meet the SO standard, and the oil seal is even skeleton double lip oil seal.
8. Rubber oil coverSeal the middle gear shaft hole with a rubber sealing cap, with the standard hole size of SO.
9. Torque arm accessoriesUse the torque arm to install and adjust the spatial position of the reducer and the tightness of the belt.

SMR (TXT/SMRY) Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Applications:

Conveyors in Mine, Quarry, Gravel Transport, Baggage & Bulk Handling, Animal Feeding, etc.

SMR (TXTSMRY) Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Applications

ZJY Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Model List:

ZJY series shaft mounted gearboxes are installed directly on the power input shaft of the supporting host, omitting the connection accessories and reducer installation platform between them. They are suitable for mechanical transmission of bucket elevators, belt conveyors, scraper conveyors and other equipment, and can also be matched with other hosts with such installation requirements.

Model: ZJY106, ZJY125, ZJY150, ZJY180, ZJY212, ZJY250, ZJY300
ModelsOutput Shaft BoreInput PowerMax. TorqueRatioWeight
ZJY10645mm2.3kW~12kW750N.m10, 11.2, 12.5, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22.4, 2527kg

ZJY Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Model Symbol Meaning:

Take ZJY 106-20-L(N.S) as an example:
ZJY: hard teeth surface shaft assembly decelerator
106:low-speed class center distance 106mm
20:norminal drive ratio i=20
L(N.S): anticlockwise rotation(output shaft rotation direction code, N means twoway, S means clockwise)

ZJY Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Applications:

Belt Conveyors, Scraper Conveyors, Bucket Elevators

ZJY Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox Applications

Features of ZJY Series Shaft Mounted Gearbox:

1. High strength of gearbox, , and shafts, sturdy and durable
2. Bi-directional rotation(Clockwise or Counterclockwise) is available for output shaft. Unidirectional rotation, if equipped with the backstop to prevent back driving
3. Widely used in conveyors

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